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Executive-Managerial Chairs
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Want to know more about Executive/Managerial Chairs
Executive chairs feature a design that offers comfort for long hours of desk work. They come in many different materials to complement varying decors. Common features are tall backs that contour to the body and armrests, creating an ergonomic seating position for the utmost comfort.  Choose the material and features that best fit the workspace.

Executive chair materials

There are several types of material options for manager chairs. The most common choices are leather office chairs, which are soft and luxurious, ideal for the head of a company. Faux leather chairs are ideal picks for those who like environmentally friendly furniture, and they are easy to clean. Black office chairs in mesh have small holes that allow air to pass through, keeping moisture at bay and users coolers while seated for several hours. For something available in many colors and designs, fabric chairs match any office setting, and they offer sturdy, long-lasting material.

Manager chair features

These managerial thrones often come with many extra features designed to make working long hours easier. On some, the arms are adjustable to allow people to find the most comfortable position. Those without arms are convenient for users who prefer the freedom of movement in that area. Caster wheels allow users to easily move closer to their desks and around their workspaces. Seats with adjustable heights let individuals raise or lower them as necessary, ideal when several people use the chairs, such as in conference rooms. Consider task chairs that swivel, making it easier to turn to reach objects anywhere on desks. Tilting varieties allow users to lean back a little for stretching sessions throughout the day.

Executive chair ergonomic properties

Sitting down for long periods of time can be hard on the body, but executive chairs feature several ergonomic properties that help make sitting more comfortable.

  • Lumbar pads or mesh support: Promote correct posture for the spine
  • High backs: Allow users to sit back completely and rest the head when taking a break
  • Contoured seats: Mold to fit the body for a perfect, comfortable sitting position
  • Padded seats: Cushion the backside
  • Waterfall seat edges: Slope down to relieve pressure from the thighs and legs

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