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Notebook paper is a home, school, and office staple. When you keep loose-leaf paper, loose-leaf notebook paper, and writing tools nearby, there's always a place to jot down appointment dates and times, addresses, last-minute assignments, and client instructions before transferring them to a calendar, phone, or other type of digital organizer.

Notebook paper is a universal product

Whether you prefer to use loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks, stationery supplies are still a staple for personal or professional use. For handwritten letters to clients, friends, and relatives, this paper comes in various colors and designs for more of a personal touch. Use thinner and more cost-effective paper for less formal occasions like basic note-taking during class or jotting down talking points while on a conference call. Keeping loose-leaf notebook paper next to copy paper, which is typically utilized in copy machines and printers at the office or home, is an excellent way to provide ruled and unlined paper for a multitude of uses.

Different notebook paper dimensions and weights

The most common dimension of writing, drawing, or printer paper is 8.5 x 11 inches, which is also known as the U.S. standard letter size. Other options include 8 x 10.5 inches, 5.8 x 8.3 inches, and 4 x 6 inches. Another essential part of choosing loose-leaf paper is its weight. For formal writing, you want thicker stationery, such as cardstock paper, which is typically between 65 and 110 pounds in weight. Standard, general-purpose paper is around 24 pounds.

Choose the right notebook paper ruling

Most types of paper, including loose-leaf notebook paper that doesn't come with a spiral or hard binding, is available in wide or college-ruled spacing. The most common ruling is college, which has 7 millimeters between each line; it's also known as medium-ruled paper. Children learning to write and people who prefer to write in a large script often use wide-ruled paper that has 8 millimeters or more of space between the lines. Another option is narrow, with 6 millimeters of space to write in. Unlined notepads are also available. These are excellent for writing large, highly visible notes or to include drawings. If you plan to use markers or highlighters, consider choosing a thicker stationery than copy paper, which can bleed through to the next page or any surface underneath.

Look into some popular brands for loose-leaf paper

There are dozens of brands that offer different sizes, styles, rulings, and types of paper. To find what fits your needs, review the various choices these brands have available:

  • Mead®
  • JAM Paper®
  • Staples®
  • TOPS®
  • Office by Martha Stewart™

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