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Prepare an ideal cup of tea in a matter of seconds with green tea K-Cups®, including multiple citrus and herbal flavors. Keurig® green tea pods include mixes of green and white tea to introduce a welcoming fruity flavor with some health benefits. Maintain a high level of focus at work or school with caffeinated Keurig green tea, or opt for decaf tea packets.

Green tea K-Cups for a productive day

Enjoy a refreshing hot herbal brew at work, school, or home with single-serve green tea K-Cup packs from Quill. Employees and students can take advantage of K-Cup pods early in the morning or on a break. Multipack K-Cup options give supply managers an opportunity to supply small corner offices or large business complexes with enough tea for everyone.

Versatile characteristics of Keurig green tea packs

With tea K-Cups, tea enthusiasts can prepare a single cup of tea by pressing a button, plus it’s a mess-free process. Large-scale companies order bulk green tea packets frequently to prepare for upcoming events with plenty of thirsty guests. Make a 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce cup of delicious and refreshing tea depending on the brewing machine. A tight tinfoil seal covers each green tea K-Cup to keep contents fresh and full of flavor. Other benefits of Keurig green tea pods are:

  • Calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C in several brands
  • Intuitive design for simple use
  • Hot and iced tea options available

Present an alternative to coffee and other available beverages at work or at home with refreshing green tea K-Cup packets.

Benefits of consuming green tea K-Cups at work, school, or home

With more antioxidants than other herbal tea types, green tea serves as an excellent hot beverage to reboot the mind and cleanse the palate. Supply managers in industries like retail, education, and technology can supply dining areas and breakrooms tea K-Cups, which serve as an alternative to coffee. Students can use the natural stimulant while studying for the next exam or working on personal projects. Using K-Cups in the workplace saves time because there’s no need to keep reheating large teapots, and the entire process of making a single cup only takes a few moments.

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