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Greeting/Note Cards

Want to know more about Greeting/Note Cards

Greeting and note cards for businesses

Establishing relationships with customers is vital to sales, custom print items are an excellent way to provide a personal touch. Greeting and note cards can express congratulations, gratitude, holiday wishes, and more. Use funny greeting cards to bring lighthearted wishes to birthdays and other occasions. Greeting cards are also suitable for referrals, appointment reminders, thank-you, and welcome notes. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and businesses can form that crucial personal connection with them.

Greeting cards for any life event

Businesses like funeral homes or veterinary clinics often use customized sympathy cards, after a loved one passes. Some businesses prefer blank greeting cards with expressive paintings or graphics on the front, so they can personalize them with handwritten sentiments. Pre-printed messages are also available for the following forms of greeting cards.

  • Thank you
  • Anniversary
  • Welcome
  • Get well
  • Congratulations
  • Holiday
  • Referral

Promote a sense of job satisfaction and being valued by employees with the simple act of giving a birthday card on their special day. Create memorable business luncheon invitations using customizable note cards, to impress potential clients and attendees. Aside from business use, individuals can purchase greeting cards for friends, family, and other loved ones. Vintage greeting cards are an interesting way to bring back memories of youth for older family members and friends. Greeting and note cards are durable and fade-resistant, making them ideal for scrapbooking or placing in photo albums as mementos.

Get creative with cards

Pop-up greeting cards add an element of surprise to birthday and anniversary celebrations. From cartoons images to beautiful landscapes, greeting cards can convey sentiment in humorous and poetic ways. Quill carries a variety of customizable and pre-printed cards in single themes or assortment packs. Stock up on cards, pens, and other writing supplies, and have them delivered directly to your home or office.