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Wireless headsets with mics let users make and receive telephone calls over the internet. Some headsets connect directly to computers via USB or cable ports, but wireless headsets give users mobility to multitask around the home or office many feet away from their computers. Headsets with wireless connectivity are comfortable and provide high-quality audio reception and microphone transmission.

Wireless headsets with mics for telephone communication

Microphone headsets for call centers, customer services, and workplace receptions let users make and receive telephone calls by computer, freeing up both hands at the same time, which is convenient when using computer keyboards to input caller information into company systems. The headsets rely on unified communications services, called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), that use a broadband internet connection for telephone services. Many headsets connect directly as computer accessories via USB or cable ports. Many others are wireless, using two protocols. One is Bluetooth®, enabling users to sync their wireless microphone headsets to smartphones within a communications range of about 10 feet from the device. The other is Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) protocols, enabling users to range anywhere from 300 to 500 feet or more from their computers, ideal for roaming from one area to another to access documents for business calls.

Sound quality and comfort of wireless microphone headsets

Wireless headsets provide two types of caller-voice reception, either monaural or binaural. Monaural wireless headphones provide reception in one ear, so you’re able to hear surrounding activities with the other, convenient for communicating with co-workers while on the phone. Binaural headphones receive voice in both ears, so users aren’t distracted by ambient noises. This setup is ideal for telephone operators or call-center users who need to concentrate on listening to callers.

Many wireless headsets with mics are lightweight and comfortable for extended periods of wear. They include over-the-head, over-the-ear, and behind-the-ear setups, and some convert from one setup to another as desired. Most also have soft, swivel-mounted earcups for added comfort. Controls for volume, redial, and call-answering are located on the headset itself.

The microphone system for transmitting voice signals

Most of the microphone booms on headsets are slender and unobtrusive. Many flip up or down from the voice position to let users speak to someone away from the caller. Voice pickups on the boom are flexible so that users can angle them for optimal vocal input. All of the mics feature noise-canceling filters, so callers hear only the sound from the voice pickups.


Many manufacturers of accessories for the computer, including wireless keyboards and mice, also provide USB or cable plug-in VoIP headsets. Others specialize in wireless headsets specifically, including the following:

  • Hamilton Buhl®
  • Jabra®
  • Plantronics®
  • Sennheiser
  • Spracht®

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