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Multifold paper towels, also known as Z fold paper towels because of their shape, make it easy to grab, dry, and go while in home or office bathrooms. There is no need to tear perforated rolls. Users need only take a sheet or two, which reduces waste. Choose a dispenser along with the trifold paper towels for easy access.

Multifold paper towel colors

Trifold paper towels usually come in two colors: white and brown. The color depends on how the product is made. Plant fibers are pulped and formed into thin sheets. Since wood fibers are naturally brown in color, the resulting pulp and paper is also brown. Companies will then use different chemical processes to whiten the paper so it looks clean. White paper towels are the most common type on the shelves. Brown varieties are usually eco-friendly versions that don’t use any chemicals in processing. Others are made from recycled fibers, including bleached paper, without any additional chemicals. They might use anywhere from 20 to 80 percent recycled fibers. Look for the Green Seal Certification on products to know if it uses recycled materials.

Trifold paper towel dispensers

A paper towel dispenser makes it easy for users to grab paper towels and dry hands quickly. There are a few types with different features to choose from. Open boxes simply hold the towels to keep them off wet surfaces and can be used to hold both multifold and C fold paper towels interchangeably. Pull machines hold the cleaning cloths inside and users tug down to remove one at a time. Since Z fold paper towels are interconnected, when one is pulled, the next one pulls out just a little bit with it so it is ready for another hand to grab. Some have locks to prevent tampering. Others have windows so it's easy to see how many are left inside for refills.

Multifold paper towel brands

There are several companies that sell trifold paper towels and plenty of other office cleaning supplies. Many provide both the paper towels and the dispensers that they fit in. Popular brands include:

  • Georgia Pacific®
  • Envision®
  • Scott®
  • Quill Brand
  • Kleenex®
  • Brighton Professional™
  • Signature®

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