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Quill Brand® Standard Business Envelopes  (3 Products)
Standard business envelopes serve a wide range of needs in both commercial and personal environments. From window to insurance claim form envelopes, they come in different designs suited for a range of tasks like mailing personal documents and distributing confidential information within a company. Security envelopes come with heavy-duty construction and safety features to protect the contents. Read More
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Quill #9 Envelopes Without Window
$25.99 Box
When you buy 10+
Item # 901-WW9ES
Lifetime Warranty
Quill Brand® #10 White Business Envelopes

Quill Brand® Standard Business Envelopes; #10, 500/Box

Size: 4-1/8Hx9-1/2"W
Gummed commercial-style V-flaps
24-lb. wove stock
Best Price
$17.99 Box
When you buy 10+
Item # 901-WW10ES
Lifetime Warranty
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Quill #6 Envelopes Without Window

Quill Brand® Standard Business Envelopes; #6-3/4 Without Window, 500/Box

#6-3/4 without window
Size: 3-5/8Hx6-1/2"W
24-lb. wove stock
$21.49 Box
When you buy 10+
Item # 901-WW634ES
Want to know more about Quill Brand® Standard Business Envelopes

Business security envelopes offer extra features for protection

Gummed envelopes require little moisture to seal to eliminate tampering. Security envelopes have tints on their inside, making it hard to read through the paper — this improves the privacy of confidential documents. Premium envelopes come with tamper-proof, water-resistant designs with tear strips for quick opening without damaging the contents.

Standard business envelopes come with varying sizes for different needs

Envelopes are efficient shipping, packing, and mailing supplies that come in a range of sizes and shapes.

  • #10 envelope: This is the most common envelope size; it measures 4.125 x 9.5 inches and fits most business documents like checks, official letters, and invoices
  • Interoffice envelopes: These come with a button and string closing mechanism; they measure 9 x 12 inches to fit standard letter-size documents; they’re ideal for transferring office documents within departments
  • Booklet envelopes: These come in multiple sizes and have flaps on their long side to make it easy to enclose catalogs, brochures, and thick stacks of paper
  • Contour flap envelopes: This envelope design features a large triangular flap with a smooth, curved tip that nearly touches the bottom of the envelope; contour flaps have an elegant design, making them suitable for sending out invitations, greeting cards, and announcements

  • Square flap envelopes: They come with a distinctive square flap design, making them ideal for sending announcements, photos, greeting cards, invitations, and other personalized communications

Business envelopes also come in a variety of materials and colors to fit the theme of different occasions and make them stand out in the mailbox.

Choose window envelopes for efficiency

Most envelopes have full fronts that allow users to hand-write details, attach labels, or preprint addresses. Others have windows to allow the contents to show through, eliminating the need for writing or preprinting necessary details. Single window envelopes have just one opening for the mailing address while double window envelopes have two openings: one for the mailing address and the other for the return address. Window business envelopes work well for distributing payroll checks and mailing out invoices with preprinted addresses.