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Adams Carbonless Sales Order Books
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Pre-printed sales order books feature a simple template structure to allow businesses to create orders and invoices quickly and easily. Carbonless sales books prevent smudging, helping create a clear copy with no errors. Sales order receipt books allow staff to record sales and provide the customer with an exact copy.

Carbonless sales books feature many benefits

Carbonless paper creates a carbon copy duplicate of sales receipts, invoices, and other important business forms. It provides a legible, clear copy of the sales order or invoice instantly. Carbonless sales books include materials that are biodegradable, with new technologies making copies smudge-proof for consistent and accurate duplicates, whether handwritten or typed. With sales receipt books, employees can create multiple copies of orders as soon as the order is placed. Sales order books are an essential part of any sales business.

Sales order and receipt books speed up transactions

Time is essential when it comes to business transactions, so choose pre-printed forms to ensure quick ordering and efficient record keeping. Forms contain important information at the top, including:

  • Customer order number
  • Customer name and address
  • Date
  • The employee responsible for the sale
  • Method of payment

Information can be added quickly by the sales team and a copy handed straight to the customer. There’s also space at the top of the pages for company stamps so companies can personalize order forms and receipts. Depending on ordering requirements choose from 2-part and 3-part pads, with a white original, yellow duplicate, and pink triplicate to allow pages to easily be divided and distinguished. The sturdy wraparound cover attached to the back of the pads lets users easily separate sets for quick transitions between orders. Pages are consecutively numbered for simple accounting and record keeping.

Reliable, durable record-keeping

Sales order pads provide a hard copy that is easy to store and file. Unlike electronic copies, paper invoices are difficult to modify. Hard copy forms, written on the spot by staff or completed by customers, can be verified with signatures to confirm orders at the time they are placed, creating an efficient ordering system. If preferred, information can later be transferred to an electronic form at a later time. Sales receipt books are designed to last, with most covers made of strong, durable materials that withstand constant use so staff can carry pads around the shop floor or workspace with the knowledge they’ll stay intact.

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