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Artists of all ages have used crayons to add color to their creations for years. Crayola crayons add a new design level with neon and multicultural skin colors, and classroom packs of school crayons simplifies art and craft activities for teachers and students alike. Standard large crayons offer a comfortable grip for all ages.

Crayons stand up to time

Crayola crayons and those from other manufacturers provide permanent and waterproof artwork. The special formula provides for a smooth lay-down of color and easy blending that resists fading. Paper wrappers also help prevent accidental marking. School crayons are also certified non-toxic, so they are safe to use. A built-in sharpener with some packs lets you continue to add sharp lines and to fill in small spaces. Artists' crayons bring longevity to drawings, especially when paired with pens and permanent ink.

Crayons class packs make classroom art economical

Children don't always remember to bring their school crayons to class with them, while teachers find buying individual packs for every student expensive. Classroom packs offer an economical and convenient solution. Choose a variety of packs:

  • 4 colors in 80 count boxes
  • 8 colors in 200, 400, or 800 count boxes
  • 16 colors in 800 count boxes

Individual packs of 8, 16, and 24 offer students a fun range of color choices. Packs of 96, 120, and 152 ensure there are enough crayons for large groups and the extra hues make coloring time even more of an adventure. When budding artists combine them with colored pencils, the possibilities are endless. Crayons and Quill's other office supplies ensure teachers and students alike will have what they need for creative learning experiences.

Specialty crayons inspire creativity

Take coloring and crafting to the next level with construction paper, dry-erase, washable, and multicultural crayons. Construction paper and poster board crayons help give smooth, even color to textured papers.

Neon and fluorescent styles make designs pop. Add some shimmer with glitter crayons, and watch your artwork sparkle. Watercolor types use an included brush to blend with water for a painted, artistic effect, while artists' crayons provide strong, opaque lines for drawing and sketching. Washable varieties let children color without worrying about slipping off the paper onto the table, desk, or floor. They wipe off most nonporous surfaces with a sponge and warm water, so post-creative cleanup is easy. Add washable markers for color and a different texture to add even more interest to drawings.

Choose the school crayons that give your little artists the most comfortable grip. For the littlest hands, select My First Crayola® egg-shaped crayons. Their solid 2.5- x 1.5-inch size and shape are easy to hold. Large (4 x 0.44 inches) and standard (3.63 x 0.31 inches) fit well for school-aged children. Or try triangular styles for their easy grip and no-roll features, especially if your project involves texture rubbings.

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