Hammermill® 24-lb. Laser Print Laser Papers

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Hammermill® 24-lb. Laser Print Laser Papers
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Want to know more about Hammermill® 24-lb. Laser Print Laser Papers
Hammermill® laser print paper helps colors stand out by increasing the contrast and offering a higher brightness level. Hammermill 24-pound paper gives documents a durable and professional feel. Hammermill paper lasts a long time thanks to its acid-free development process and consistently produces high-quality results across a variety of printers.

Hammermill laser print paper keeps colors in mind

While there are many color printing paper options available, Hammermill’s selections provide users with the tools to preserve color fidelity and make prints as eye-catching as possible. Hammermill 24-pound paper increases the contrast and brightness level, which makes colors stand out more. In addition, the product reflects a specific tone of light, making its white finish more defined. This product is useful for projects that center around important visuals like charts or photographs.

Hammermill 24-pound paper is sturdy and reliable

Aside from providing vibrant colors, Hammermill printer paper also offers improved durability. While this paper is excellent for charts and graphs, it’s also sturdy enough to serve as the foundation for a brochure. Similar to wide format paper, this product’s smooth surface makes it easy to work with and also helps with toner blending and color reproduction. Since this paper works with laser printers and color copiers, it’s able to provide consistent results on projects both big and small. This product, in conjunction with copy and multipurpose paper, can handle projects of various visual intensity.

Hammermill paper preserves photos and documents for a long time

When working with Hammermill bond paper, there are a few factors that affect a print’s final result:

  • Finish
  • Smoothness
  • Acidity
  • Printer compatibility
  • Brightness rating

Of these categories, it’s worth noting that Hammermill’s paper is acid-free. This means it’s resistant to long-term damage and is a smart choice for textbooks. A super-smooth finish creates a bright white layer for colors to contrast against, while also giving the paper a distinct feel. Some printers are better equipped to handle specific paper types than others, but this product is compatible with most. Finally, the brightness rating reaffirms the color quality of prints. At 98/110+, this paper is highly effective at reproducing colors and helping them stick out. Use Hammermill products on the next big printing project and see the difference in color quality.

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