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Easily count cash from a home or company safe with color-coded money bands designed to identify capacity values at a glance. Made of sturdy white kraft paper, these binding straps comply with Federal Reserve Board and American Bankers Association standards and regulations. They make counting and tracking cash efficient and speedy, even when only a portion of the stacked bundles is visible.

Currency straps are versatile

The most familiar use of these bands is to prepare collected currency for making bank deposits, especially in retail settings, but they can be used for many other purposes. When used for bank deposits, each bill in the bundle must be of the same denomination, but you can use the sturdy, 50-pound paper currency straps to organize cash savings, even with mixed-denomination bundles. Once you are familiar with the values associated with each color, it's relatively simple to quickly count stacks of currency stored in a home or business safe. Add a cash counter machine to your office equipment to streamline the process even more.

These money bands meet Federal Reserve and ABA standards

According to the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), a "strap" is a bundle of 100 bills of the same denomination, although bundles of one-dollar bills may also hold $25 or $50. Currency straps hold the bundles together, and the colored stripes on the bands make it simple to quickly determine how much money is in a bank deposit or cash drawer. The money bands are made from white paper, which helps to ensure that images of information on the bands are captured clearly. The colored stripes and pre-printed capacities also correspond to the American Bankers Association requirements:

  • Black = $25
  • Orange = $50
  • Blue = $100
  • Red = $500
  • Yellow = $1,000
  • Violet = $2,000
  • Brown = $5,000
  • Mustard = $10,000

Money bands are easy to use

Pre-printed with the value associated with each color, the bands are cut to the correct length to securely hold a stack of 100 bills. The pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive glue seals without the need to moisten it, making it simple and neat to use the 1.25-inch-wide bands. Coin-counting tubes push exact counts into coin rolls and, when combined with sturdy paper currency straps, make counting and storing cash fast and efficient.

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