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If you’re business handles cash, you need a cash counter to quickly and efficiently get manage your money. A cash counting machine lets you Quickly and efficiently tackle end-of-the-day drawer counting, opening and closing procedures. Find the cash counting machine that suits your business needs and budget.

Cash Counters Can Keep Money Organized

Cash counters count large sums of money quickly, allowing employees to stay focused on other duties instead of taking on the menial task of counting large quantities of bills or coins. From banks to supermarkets, cash counters reduce headaches and migraines caused by organizing daily cash earnings or sorting hundreds, if not thousands, of individual coins. More importantly, these useful machines offer a unique form of money management that leaves counterfeiters agitated from a lack of success and keeps businesses well-equipped to combat fraud.

More Precise Than Humans

Cash counters do not need to count large sums of cash twice to ensure the amount is correct, unlike their human counterparts. These precise machines offer 100 percent accuracy, whether counting hundreds or thousands of individual bills. Cash counters and coin sorters provide reliable results that ultimately saves the business time and money, which is a bonus for employers and employees. A cash counter completely nullifies the irritation and frustration caused by bills sticking together and throwing off the final count.

Counters Save Time

Counting bills or coins by hand is a time-consuming process that leaves the hands, eyes and brain physically fatigued. Placing bills inside a cash counter is simple, and the machine only requires a few seconds to count large amounts of cash. The time humans spend counting individual bills or coins can be used more effectively on other daily business tasks, such as inventory or maintenance. Businesses no longer need for multiple employees to manually count cash transactions multiple times to ensure an accurate count is completed. Don’t forget to order money bands and coin wrappers, too.

Easily Count Different Currencies

Whether counting euros or dollars, cash counters have the ability to keep track of individual bills, eliminating human error and the need for multiple machines and human counters. This useful feature saves the business money and accommodates businesses such as banks that regularly handle different forms of currency. Cash counters also separate different tickets, coupons or documents to eliminate confusion caused by organizing alternative forms of payment with frequently used currencies.

Counters Provide Protection

Designed with various forms of counterfeit detection, cash counters provide an additional layer of protection that helps businesses effectively combat fraudulent activity. Unlike the human eye, these machines immediately detect different types of counterfeit coins or bills using specialized software and patented sensors. In most cases, the counter will automatically stop counting when a counterfeit bill is detected, which easily and discretely notifies employees of fraudulent bills.

Easy to Use

With large LCD displays and loading slots, cash counters are easy to operate. These machines feature an effortless setup process that simply requires powering on the machine and placing the bills or coins inside an open compartment. Easy operation provides a peace of mind to employees that helps improve their performance on other tasks. The dollar amount or number of bills is displayed on a bright LCD that is easy to read and understand.

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