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Z-fold paper towels are an excellent cleaning solution for busy workplaces with high traffic and large working surfaces. Browse z-fold towels in multiple pack options and two-ply designs to accommodate company demands and expectations. Z-fold paper hand towels are suitable for various dispensers, or as a simple layout by the sink, or in a kitchen area.

Z-fold paper towels for clean workplaces and homes

Make sure home and facility surfaces are clean at all times using high-quality Z-fold towels from Quill. Educational facilities, office cubicles, and other types of establishments need a good supply of paper towels on hand, especially for large events. Paper towels are just as convenient at home celebrations, and in general day-to-day life, especially with families. Brand options include Pacific Blue Ultra™ and Kleenex®, so supply managers can choose the ideal fit for their environment, depending on different surface types and other maintenance factors. Multiple package models are available, so small and large corporations can order how much they need.

Various features of efficient Z-fold towels

Single-ply and two-ply paper towels are available, so users can get rid of many nasty spills, smudges, and other messy incidents. By using paper towel dispensers, businesses can showcase professionalism and an eye to detail to impress prospective clients, while creating a comfortable working environment. Each bundle of paper towels comes with a secure wrap which makes it easy to store them in breakrooms and storage areas. Some other details of Z-fold towels include:

  • Extra-soft paper
  • Large paper sheets for hand-washing and cleaning
  • Compatibility with a range of towel dispensers
  • Compliant with FSC, EPA, and EcoLogo standards for a better impact on the environment
  • A durable and absorbent material

Secure packaging ensures that paper towels are bacteria-free, and ready to use as soon as the delivery comes.

White paper towels are a cleaning essential 

With paper towels like Georgia Pacific® C-fold paper towels, and other effective cleaning supplies at their disposal, cleaning crews can wipe all working surfaces to perfection. Dispensers with paper towels are usually on the wall, and smaller establishments such as bistros often just lay out Z-fold paper towels on the table, or in a tray. Z-fold paper hand towels are necessary for fast-paced workplaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, and clubs, so all guests can access them at any point. 


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