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Use BIC® highlighters to focus on features in executive documents, indicate parts of handwritten notes, or draw attention to items on a receipt. Different tip types and colors ensure that what needs spotlighting stands out on the page. Emphasize words, underline phrases, and color-code with Bic Brite Liner® highlighters. Enjoy retractable Bic Brite Liner pens and never worry about losing caps.

Bic highlighters are versatile

Highlighters are a popular tool for emphasizing points on all kinds of documents. Bic Brite Liner markers help students commit to memory certain details illuminated by a vivid color. Highlighted text stands out to remind a busy executive to explore a topic from last week’s meeting by a quick flip though notes.

Their versatility goes on with different styles of pens. With Flex tips for thin or fine lines, users adjust the angle and pressure for broader lines when highlighting larger text, or they can experiment with highlighter art. When time is of the essence, 3-in-1 tips help when you don’t have to change pens—just change the holding angle and keep the flow going. Never lose a lid again with retractable highlighters that seal the tips inside the barrels.

Get vibrant colors with Bic Brite Liner pens

Enjoy the smooth application with color intensity of Bic Brite Liner pens. Whatever color chosen for the job at hand will pop on the page, from the classic yellow to a fluorescent pink. Mix and match with highlighter sets containing different colors to bring fun to the classroom or office. When needing the color to attract eyes to the text but be slightly subtle, green or blue Bic highlighters work for the job.

Get the most from Bic highlighters

Important text needs highlighting properly, whether written in note form or legal print. Color-code files in one stroke with a broad chisel tip. Pop a label on each color highlighter for different reasons, such as yellow to check facts or pink for more details. Choose a pen style to give accuracy to the documents’ important points—Bic Brite Liner highlighters are worth considering when underlining small text because the tips are very fine, so you achieve emphasis and a professional look.

More benefits from Bic highlighters

Each highlighter style has its own benefits, and with such a huge range of choices, users can match all office or classroom needs.

  • Micro chisel tips for precise underlining
  • Pocket clips to take them on the go
  • Rubber grips for comfort
  • XL grip pens for larger hands
  • Doesn’t dry out for up to eight hours
  • Nontoxic so safe for everyone
  • Large tanks mean value for money
  • Available in bulk for money savings

Check out the full range of Bic highlighter pens that Quill has to offer for office, classroom, or home use.

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