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Easily find paperwork and keep the office clean with desk organizers and other accessories. Desk organizers keep your cubicle or office clutter-free so you can quickly find what you need. Shop pencil cups, mesh desk organizers, file holders and more.

Desk organizers to keep the office clean

Built for long-lasting, reliable performance, file pockets, desk organizer trays, letter holders, modular storage racks, and bookends make it easy to sort through and color-code paperwork and reference materials. Arrange them throughout your office so everyone can quickly grab order forms, mileage logs, and reports without stopping to ask you where to find copies of the same documents over and over again.

The last thing you want to do is ruin a perfectly organized desk with a tangled mess of paper clips, memo pads, and writing implements. Corral those accessories into cup holders, baskets, and space-saving storage compartments that offer streamlined access to your favorite pens, staplers, and sticky notes.

Teachers categorize papers with desk organizers

Teachers use wire mesh sorters or stackable desk organizer trays to separate papers or tests by classroom or grade level, making it simple to know which stack to grab when the school bell rings. Educational professionals also put these items to use by separating out different student scores. With clear desk pads on desktops, teachers can place certain test papers under, letting them show off special pupil work.

Address books & card files keep contacts in easy reach

When your personal electronic device is on the brink or has a dead battery, make sure you still have access to key contact information. Low-profile business card file holders and address books are desk accessories that offer plenty of room for frequently referenced names and numbers. They’re also useful for keeping company names and faces fresh in your mind, preventing possible awkward reintroductions in the process.

Top-quality desk accessories brands for organization

In addition to Quill Brand® products, find a selection of economically priced office supplies from these top-rated manufacturers.

  • Fellowes®
  • JAM Paper®
  • Officemate®
  • Rolodex®
  • SAFCO®
  • SteelMaster®

Desktop Organizers to Maximize Employee Productivity

Help your employees keep the office neat and tidy with desktop organizers. The wide assortment of shapes and sizes make it easy for employees to choose one that supports their personal work style. In this fast-paced business age, shaving seconds off of finding a stray office document or a working accessory can save your employees time and increase your business's bottom line. Give your employees piece of mind while creating a neater office environment that keeps everyone's minds on knocking out their daily work objectives.

Maintain an Ultra-Professional Office Image

Remain poised and ready for that VIP customer or prominent business associate to walk through the door. Desktop organizers keep your employees' workstations in tip-top shape, which helps your company maintain its ultra-professional office image at all times. Purchase several different styles of organizers from brands such as Safeco and Quill Brand to keep on hand for new employees to begin using when hired. With everyone in your office armed with organizers that keep their desktops attractive and orderly, your office flow - and your stress level - remains uninterrupted throughout unexpected visits.

Maximize Employee Productivity

Keeping every working essential at your employees' fingertips maximizes your company's profits over time. Desktop organizer brands such as Quill Brand and Safeco offer a vast assortment of organizers that help your employees store and organize paperwork and supplies. With every need within reach, your employees can give all their attention to their task at hand. Organizers also help save you from having to re-buy items that employees misplace due to lack of organization, which helps you save your company money.

Durable Construction

As a savvy admin professional, you know that buying quality office supplies yields the maximum return on your investment. With features such as steel gauge construction, anti-snag corners and compact, multi-level designs, these organizers are built to last over the long haul. Buy them once, and each piece provides you with countless years of protection from misplaced documents and essential office accessories. Because several desktop organizers feature an elevated construction, your employee's overturned morning coffee has less of a chance of damaging your company documents during a desk spill.

A Movable Workplace

Sometimes your employees need to huddle together to get an important project completed to near perfection before the deadline. Lightweight and portable, desktop organizers help your employees remain organized while working away from their desks. Since all they have to do is pick up and move their workstations, they are ready at a moment's notice to help with a pressing project. Best of all, their comfort level remains the same, which retains high employee morale and helps everyone turn all of their attention to getting the job done.